Camila arango

Executive Chef & Co-founder

Prior experience as Pastry Chef for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington DC. As pastry chef there she was in charge of creating all dessert and pastry related menus for the hotel's Banqueting department, In room dining department, and Empress Lounge including afternoon tea. Catered to up to 1000 guest events, weddings, conferences and holiday events. She was in charge of hiring and training staff for the hotel's pastry department, scheduling said staff, maintaining food costs and labor costs within budget. While she was there the pastry program improved greatly, and the production of homemade desserts increased in about 70% from outsourced products and pre made desserts. The company is still open and the Washington DC property remains. Although there are no ongoing ventures or partnerships with this company, working at this property has taught me a great amount, and will be very helpful when it comes down to opening and running Bluebird Bakery. From hiring and managing staff, to maintaining healthy food and labor costs to producing in great quantities keeping a high level of quality. These are all traits I learned or improved while working for a top rated luxury hotel brand and will be helpful in holding our bakery to high standards as well.



Tom Wellings


Prior experience as Executive Pastry Chef for Fiola, Fiola Mare and Casa Luca. He is in charge of developing all dessert and pastry related menus for all three restaurants in the group. He is in charge of hiring staff, training and maintaining labor and food costs relating to the pastry departments of all three restaurants. During his time there Wellings has helped Fiola and Fiola Mare earn 3 stars from Tom Sietsema at the Washington Post and a 2013 best new restaurants in America nomination from Esquire Magazine. Moreover he has been nominated best pastry chef of the year for Fiola in 2013 and 2014 from the RAMW (RAMMY awards).

All three restaurants in the group are still operating and thriving today. All of this experience demonstrates that Tom Wellings is a talented pastry chef. His capability to successfully manage pastry departments in three separate restaurants, maintaining healthy food costs and happy staff, and receiving such accolades amongst others is a nod to his hard work and experience. This will truly come in handy when opening a high quality bakery.